The Glossary of OM

We at omversion believe sometimes a word needs to have a little om in it...

OM words as of 10.17.19

Def. coming after we launch the WAFFLE's message. 

om - Your gift,  you choose what you want it to mean...THEN you share your...

version - Your story, you choose how it is going to end, can't control a lot but you can control you vision! 



om's-  Someone you trust your gift too and you have their back:)

ommie- Part of the community:)

Eduomcation- Learning something that will change you life and others!

fashiom- Wearing with a purpose, know the who, what, where, when and why of the clothes you are wearing

Ready om not- If you know what you are at the core, you will always be ready ...even when it feels uncomfortable.

Intangomible- Your om is working on the inside, but you can't see it...but            with time it will eventually show up on the outside.

Somday-  Well, someday is now:)

awearnice- Knowing the effect of the clothes you or others wear and the EFFECTS it may have on you, others and the EARTH.

omwearnice- omversions feels it's message is to keep our gear as clean and    pure as we can so you don't have to even think or worry about it!

Bothom-  You want you om to feel on the inside and the outside, we believe you deserve not just one but BOTHOM

ompossible- If it's your GIFT, your TRUE gift for you it is possible, for others      they  say impossible.

Laombel- The true tell of material is in the material not the label:)  Why do we    need a label? 

Friendsness- We believe business should be friendly on both sides.

BizNIce-  You get treated as a person, as we believe to be NICE.  Who said you had to be tough and hard to run a business... well you do, just                            don't have to run a .... you can be part of a BIZNICE:)

Show om Tell- You let your actions do the talking om's!

ombelievable - No such thing if it is YOUR GIFT!  Respect others that can do the ombelievable too:)

common sense + wisdom = Best way to make a good CHOICE

FREEDom- Your call;)

Envirommental- Wearing clothes good for the ocean, air, animals and people!


 We hope everyone finds there OM, cause it is something that everyone should FEEL, and know that a lot of UNCOMFORTABLE comes in order to find your PURE COMFORT!


Do you have a word or phrase for omversion to add, send us a request:) We love creativeness and originality. 


Thank om's!

Chris and Team

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