The Glossary of OM

Sometimes you try to have a little FUN, play on words...and some are for real!  To us, maybe you can come up with your om language too!  We would love to know what word you would like to add to your story, maybe we can use IT! 

OM words updated 5/7/20


om - Your TRUE gift! How do you know...Well you just have to trust your gut and go 4 IT!  

version - Your authentic STORY!  It's best told in your voice as you share YOUR om to the WORLD. 

omversion-  Put IT together, TRUTH!  IT will change OUR world!

om's-  Someone you trust your gift too and you have their back:)

ommie- Part of the community:)  Compassion and Empathy live here!

Eduomcation- Learning thru other's gift's and story's. Not typically taught in our                           school system's...YET!;)  

Fashiom- IT is your statement of Truth to the world.  IT's not your clothes                            defining you, but you define your clothes.  YOU are the BRAND

Ready om not- You walk in Faith, even amoungst the Fear of the inner thought's                           of oh I am not anyone, you have prepared and you trust your                               gut and go 4 IT! Even when it does not "FEEL" right.

Intangomible- Your om is working on the inside, but you can't see it...but                                     with time it will eventually show up on the outside.

Somday-  Well, someday is now:) You have a plan, But...

awearnice- Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How the material of your clothing is made, created and to get the BEST answers so you make the BEST choice for what you put on your body and in the WORLD. 

omwearnice- Wear your CLOTHES with purpose and kindness!

Bothom-  WIN WIN in Clothes that are healthy for us and others.  Industry creates apparel that are healthy for animals and the planet!!!

ompossible- If it's your GIFT, IT is possible...even IF...

Laombel- What do you want to be know for...a Label or Truth of who you are!                       Your name, your label.

Friendsness- Changing the focus of business to be about people not bottom                               line...Be kind to others in BizNice.

BizNIce-  You get treated as a person, as we believe to be NICE. Be kind,                             compassionate, empathetic and treat people right with health                                boundaries that are easy to communicate and change if IT is                                 needed:) 

Show om Tell- Your words match your actions.

ombelievable - Belief  YOUR GIFT will happen!  Respect others that can do                             the ombelievable too:)

common sense + wisdom = Truth

FREEDom- Your call;)

Envirommental- LOVE TO THE ENVIRONMENT and all the LIFE in IT!!  Plants,                            animals, air, water, land and people.  CARE 4 our future                                        generations! 

Testomessage- To share your story in the middle of the Test and mess.  Having                            the courage do it now and not wait until you know it worked!!

Create a BETTER you everyday.  Keep your IT in mind and IT helps you get thru the highs and the lows, cause they are all part of LIFE!!!  TRUTH?!.


What's YOUR OM?!. - Got a word or GIFT to share with us, we want to hear your story!  We love when you all use OM in a word or sentence, It's omazing!!!


NOTE: Def. of omazing, we can't omagine a definition for this so IT is your own thought on what you want IT to mean;)

Final NOTE: LIFE is not always easy and light, we have learned that we grow in the HARD and DARK times too.  It's all growth and some days you don't feel like your are omazing, you figure out a way to serve you gift! And talk to an OMMIE to help you thru those times.  I have had many of those days and the toughest thing to do is to let someone see you DOWN and ask for HELP!  But we all need help, we are all in a broken WORLD.  But stay focused on your omversion and we will CHANGE this WORLD for the better!  ONE person ONE pair at a TIME! 



Christopher Cullens Warmbold                                                                  Branded:  9.29.1969 


email @ chris@omversion.com