Google it OM's


We believe in YOUR SEED and "it's all about the material om's"!  We are here to talk to you ONE on ONE:)  email us at chris@omversion.com  to schedule a time with us. Or if you prefer to communicate with GOOGLE here are a few things you may want to start with...(and we have not googled it....yet, so check it out;)) 

1) What is the most comfortable material for your skin and the Earth

1 1/2) Best material for your body to sweat in... (please let us know what you                   find)

2) Cotton vs organic cotton

3) Organic cotton vs synthetic clothing

4) Microfibers vs. natural fibers

5) Microfibers in the ocean (Bren study 2016)

6) Dr. Theo Colburn TedX letter to the president 2012

7) Chemicals in the baby and womb

8) The process of planting, growing and harvesting Cotton

9) The process of planting, growing and harvesting Synthetic Clothes

There are many more, message us if you have specific questions and maybe we can be your "google" om for you:)


Thank you!


Chris and Team om

email: chris@omversion.com