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We believe in what these business's and non-profits do:

1) Vitalant: Donate Blood, save a life visit:

Founded in 1943, Vitalant is one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit transfusion medicine organizations. We comprise a network of more than 125 community blood centers. Vitalant provides blood to patients in more than 1,000 hospitals across 40 states.

2) TEDX- The Endocrine Disruption Exchange

(Partners in Science) 

Visit them and find out more about Chemicals in our world.

3) Greenpeace Orange County

Getting a ok before we post more, but we love them caring about our oceans and ll things ocean! LOVE LOVE LOVE

4) CHOC Children's 


(714) 509-8339


NOTE: This Page is under-construction:) 

ABSTRACT: Does clothing have effects on the Health of you, others, an/or the planet? Well we feel there is a risk when using chemicals with anything and usually you have the list of side effects on what could happened based on study results in labs.  Well the studies we have come across can be summed up in a few YOU-TUBE video's.  It is freedom of choice, we choose natural fiber and will do our best to get all of our process natural.  Want you to love your clothes but most importantly to love your body.  It's the only one you have so Treat it right.  The power of knowledge we feel that now that we learned some of these effects that may and could happen we have to share, we need to.  These chemicals in our world, we don't believe were meant to be in your body, and more important they were not meant to become part of your family DNA.  The cocktail effect now is scary what may happen to you in infancy and then it does not show up until you are 44 year's old.  What's in your blood now a days and are you really ok with it and believe it is not effecting you?  

49 years of living and now the books, articles, youtube video's, tedX (both of them) and some science help explain why we believe natural is what we put in our gear, because our om gear may get in you, others, and the environment...

Please excuse my words below as they may not be perfect, but we hope you get the idea.  We can always make it better, clothes and grammar :) 

1) Do you know what your clothes are made of?   Why do you ask? Well because we feel it is time to learn more about the ingredients in apparel! The fibers that make your clothing is either a natural,synthetic or maybe a combinations of several. Funny right, we agree we used to just think material was material.  Well, we feel there is some things you need to know. so we want to share a study done by Patagonia and the Bren Institute in 2016 to see if microfibers from Patagonia Fleeces where breaking down in the washing machines and getting into our waterways.  This is fact and the effects are coming back to us. The answer is YES!    Biggest WOW for omversion was the words Endocrine disruption chemicals are in these microfibers getting into the ocean.  Man, our 1st thought was is this and if it's coming off our clothing and going into the waterways, what is happening while the clothes are on our skin...and we are being active, well we believe that is not a risk we want to take.  Game on for om, let's find out how we can make our gear more SAFE.  Check out this link below...

Video link-  (copy and paste in browser)

2) edocrine disrubtion in our chemcial world.  The new cocktail effect.  Low levels could be effecting you like never before, because our Insides are becoming more synthetic, plastic, chemical, toxic I would say...

3) our babies, letter from Theo Corborn Ted ex written in 2012. Why are we just reading now...good question.  It's very interesting on how the first 38 weeks of a life could be more vulernable then your next 38 years after... It's important!

Video link- talk (copy and paste in browser)


4) True Cost of clothing movie on Netflix.  Shows some of the practices companies use to keep prices down...but in the end, what is the "true costs" of that, cause someone is going to pay for it.  If not in your wallet maybe in HEALTH.

5) Are our clothes killing us... Book Killer Clothes by Anna Maria Clement and Brian R. Clement,  PhD's NMD, LN (Waffle's is reading currently)

6) The Paradox of chemicals, feels like a natural fiber, but it is chemical to start.  These chemist are good?!  The book Nylon, The Story of a Fashion Revolution- By Susannah Handley read by the BIRD, cause you know the Bird knows the word;) 

7) Book "The Body Heals Itself" by Emily A. Francis.  Well we believe we can get back to that.  The Body is amazing!  All these chemicals that have been added over the decades, can we detox our bodies, human and mother natures...and start the healing?  We have to try.  

8) Project by Carson Ferry about fibers coming off Cotton, Polyester, Nylon in different temperature to say kid did a great job.  Can't put a grade on it, it's life.  Time is now, cause climate control, well don't you think your body matter's just as much as the climate?  Humm..maybe even a little more important to you.  We feel you are more important.  Heal yourself 1st, then others, then we change the world...literally we change it, climate control will go down (less plastic, more organic) It starts with us. 

   9) What's your om?!.  Good question, and we have to make sure we learn more about these chemicals that are being used to make our clothing, treat our clothing and clean our clothing.  Oh boy, we may make some people think more and how cool is it that if this all is true, every time you wear your omversion gear, or naturally made clothing, yes you are saving the world!   Wow start your day off and get out of bed made from natural fibers, make it...then get ready and put on your clothes for the day and you have accomplished a task, you made your bed and you helped save the world by not adding any more chemicals to world.  We don't expect you to be perfect, just try and be you and live with compassion and empathy...and as hard as things get, you keep your head up and trust your gut, you know and if you don't find out, and go 4 it!!  It's the only way to find your inner "piece"  Don't wait till your 44 years old to try to get this, but if you are, well just know you can fill that empty hole with authentic love vs stuff!  

Here's to more om in the world-
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