100% organic cotton clothes

The Pink.

What do you think about pink? 

We hope it helps raise the awearnice of the workers in the garment world.  

Here is how we want to do it...


Raising awearnice ONE piece at a time.  What better way to share and help om with your very own ONE of a KIND PIECE.

We have 9 pieces that have been created as we have been on the journey of life!

We are looking to not only raise awearnice of what your material is made of but WHO is making your gear you wear.  This money will be used to pay the people!  If you are interested in helping to support our movement for a healthier womb and world...check out these one of a kind pieces.  Don't see anything you like BUT you are interested in being a part of this, Call us at 303.912.1968, email: chris@omversion.com and we would love to talk with you.

Goal is $110,000.  

Want the entire collection, its pretty pink;)