From the wOMb to the tOMb and OM!

Did you know that there are around "300" known environmental chemicals in the WOMB when a baby is born in the USA?  And that number tends to match what is in the babies 1st poop... and we say known because only a few thousand of the 100,000 chemicals used in the world today have been tested... 

We care about what goes on your skin may go in...probably is.  Our message has not changed, just where we start.  We want to start in the Mom and they prepare for that 1st baby.  When do we start, well how about as early as possible.  

We hope to change the world, but we must start with you changing your underwear 1st.

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Is it a podcast, a facebook live, is it on a news station, a blog, a post, a message, a text, a call, a friend, we don't know how you will hear, but when you do and it touches you, we will see you then:) 

Thank you for being a part of this journey, mission, whatever you want to call it, it's your om,


Your Friend and om's,


Chris Warmbold