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The Baby
The Baby
The Baby
The Baby


The Baby

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Name: The Thought 

aka: Future For The Next Generation


This Thought Created organically by Mother Earth 🌎 & Father Heart 💛 became their little Future. 

The 2 became 1 and ALL the blood lines where transferred from generations of moms DNA and dads DNA to get this beautiful perfect creation. Is it 2 become 1 or 3 become 1. However you look at it it’s so “omportant” that Mother & Father kept themselves and free of possible harmful external factors that could cause life long damage to destroy their Babies future and being able to live his/her purpose. Their Gift to share with the world. 

Outside: 100% organic Waffle Cotton Material with a few spots of Birdseye, but man this kids looks like they have their Father Hearts pool outside. 

Inside: Well that has been stuffed with same stuff the dad had, but the legs are full of cherry pits from Mother Earth. 

Created by Eva in the garage.

Do you want to help omversion gear up the next generation?!. 

Let's talk about The Baby.

Only ONE made 1/1 💛🌎🕊